Hydro Pumping & Controls Pty Ltd is a Company that specialises in Golf Course Irrigation and Water Management. Hydro Pumping & Controls has evolved from Irri-Golf Pty Ltd a company first registered in 1988 and carrying out work in Australia and overseas since 1988.


To provide our clients and customers with the most reliable and efficient water management systems within the available budget.


Hydro Pumping & Controls Pty Ltd was formed to provide a Company that truly understands all aspects of Golf Course Irrigation, rather than an Irrigation Company that occasionally carries out work on Golf Courses. Hydro Pumping works on Golf Course Irrigation every day, from designing irrigation systems on courses in Asia, China, India and Australia to providing reliable pumping and lake aeration systems throughout Australia.

Hydro Pumping can provide detailed irrigation management plans with a strong focus on the use of recycled water to conform all relevant authority guidelines. David Hanby has successfully completed the relevant training courses for preparation of Recycled Water Management Plans for EPA in Queensland. We have developed our own software to calculate establishment and maintenance water usage specifically tailored for golf course applications. This provides clients with daily or monthly water usage estimates during construction and maintenance phases of a project.